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TCIF is a registered NGO with the mandate to improve the state of trauma care and emergency response services through health education, advocacy and community based programs.
To improve the health status and life expectancy of individuals by promoting improvements in facility-based trauma care, providing support for national policies on trauma care and increasing local awareness on proper emergency response.
  • To significantly reduce delays in patient evacuation, transport and institution of care for trauma cases.
  • To reduce the morbidity and disability rate related to accidents and injuries.
  • To educate the populace on the appropriate responses to first aid issues.
  • To improve on and increase the pool of medical and paramedical personnel skilled in the management of trauma cases.
  • To reduce the number of potential life years lost due to injuries and disability.

  • To provide free medical services for the poor.
  • To support in the development of national policies, programs and planning for a regional trauma network systems.
  • To support in the development of a standard care algorithm that ensures provision of immediate and total care to trauma victims, especially those with severe and multiple injuries within a trauma network made up of trauma centers and a pre-hospital emergency care system.
  • To support Government authorities in the establishment of a trauma audit network system at the national, state and local government levels.
  • Promotion of awareness campaigns and advocacy on trauma network system.