About TCIF

Trauma Care International Foundation

Trauma has become a global public health problem.
It is the 9th leading cause of death globally with over 3,200 deaths recorded daily.

Research has shown that the outcomes of accidents and emergencies are better when there is a skilled first responder at the site of the incident.

Appropriate pre-hospital care provided by trained bystanders and the early arrival of emergency medical personnel helps to improve the outcomes of traumatic injuries significantly.
Trauma Care International Foundation


Trauma Care International Foundation focuses on expanding access to trauma care and emergency response services in 3 ways:

  • ::   Health Education and Promotion initiatives which enhance the health status and life expectancy of people in our host communities.
  • ::   Advocacy geared towards improvements in pre-hospital and facility-based trauma care and institution of national policies on trauma management.
  • ::   Community-based programs which help to increase local awareness on appropriate emergency response
Support Our Programmes

We preserve lives by supporting voluntary blood donations, training volunteer first responders and advocating for improved emergency response.

  • Sponsor a Volunteer Medic
  • Support a Blood Drive
  • Change the Story for Trauma Victims

Goals & Objectives!

To provide free medical services for poor people.
:: To support in the development of comprehensive national policies, programs and planning on regional trauma network system in Nigeria.
:: To support in the development of standard care algorithms that ensures the provision of immediate and total care to trauma victims, especially those with severe and multiple injuries within a network made up of trauma care facilities and an effective pre-hospital emergency care system.
:: To support Government authorities in the establishment of trauma audit network system at the national, state and local government levels.
:: Promotion of awareness campaigns and advocacy on trauma network systems.
  • Voluntary
    Blood Donation
  • Emergency
    Response Training
  • First Responder
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