Blood donation is pretty simple. All that is needed is the will and desire to donate blood in order to help someone in need.

1. The gift of blood for transfusion is one of the most precious gifts anyone can give to help humanity. 

2. Voluntary blood donors are superheroes and lifesavers! 

3. Daily, thousands of people around the world depend on receiving donated blood and blood products to stay alive. 

4. 1 single pint of blood donated can save up to 4 lives when divided into its component parts. 

5. When you choose to sign up as a donor, you get access to a free medical check-up. 

6. Blood donation is one of the highest forms of volunteering. 

7. When you donate blood, you encourage your body to produce new red blood cells. 

8. Blood donation helps the donor to maintain optimum blood iron levels. 

9. Red blood cells, platelets, plasma and white blood cells can all be derived from blood donation, each of which can be used to save lives. 

10. Donating blood doesn’t cost any money