Everyone is quite aware of the benefits of blood donation to the recipients but not so many are aware that blood donation also has health benefits for the donor.

With the 2019 World Blood Donor Day fast approaching on the 14th of June, the following benefits will give you more reasons to go out and make a difference by donating blood. The benefits listed here are not to undermine the ultimate benefit of saving a life by voluntarily donating blood. The benefits can be classified into two major categories: Iron-Related Benefits Iron is vital component of the red blood cells and it is contained in common food types which we consume daily such as meat, vegetables etc. Iron absorption in the human body is in limited proportions and when in excess, it is stored in vital organs such as the Heart, Liver and Pancreas. An overload of iron in any of these vital organs could lead to several complications. Regular blood donation helps to maintain a balance in iron levels with resultant benefits such as: :: It helps your blood flow better. High amounts of iron in the blood causes it to be thicker and affects the blood flow. :: It helps maintain healthy heart, liver and pancreas by preventing damage in these organs from iron overload. :: It reduces the risks of cancers which could occur as complications from organ damage. :: It reduces the risks of Hemochromatosis. (Hemochromatosis is a health condition that arises from excessive absorption of iron into the body cells)