Prevents kids from sustaining injuries

There have been numerous cases of kids sustaining injuries or dying from low-speed accidents within their driveways at home. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if the car park or driveway users are mindful of children being around or near their vehicles and know these safety tips.
1.    Take a few seconds to check around your car before zooming off the car park; this can save a child from possible injuries and even death.
2.    Teach your child to play far away from parked and moving vehicles within the driveway.
3.    Keep an eye on your children when they are outside. If possible, be there with them, otherwise ensure they are under supervision, especially when they are close to the driveway.
4.    Demarcate the driveway from the kids’ play area and ensure there are physical barriers to limit their movement into the driveway section.
5.     Teach your kids car safety and driveway safety tips; for example, make them wait till a car has come to a full stop before they proceed to greet the visitor or parent who may have been driving the vehicle.
Better Safe than Sorry!
6.    Pay close attention to the children in the car, ensure you are the last to get into the vehicle and the first to get out; this way, you are sure no one is standing beside the door or at risk of being ridden over when the car pulls out.