Regular exercise has many health benefits, ranging from improved heart health and blood circulation, to better coordination and helping prevent certain diseases. To get the most out of your exercises and prevent injury, here are essential tips for effective exercising.

1. Ensure You Warm Up... And Down Warm-up exercises are necessary because the muscles have to be eased into any form of exercise to prevent injuries. You should warm up before you start your morning run or other exercise routines. Also, when you are done; take a few minutes of low-intensity exercise to cool down. 

2. Take It Easy On Yourself When setting fitness goals, don’t do too much too soon. Your target may be to run ten kilometers non-stop every day, but start with one kilometer; the key thing is to be consistent and to steadily increase as you go. 

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes Whatever your preferred mode of exercise, you need a pair of shoes with soles that can absorb the shock of your footfalls and provide sufficient support to the arches of your feet. Avoid overly tight or loose shoes. 

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