How do you treat a small electrical burn?

Burns can occur from direct contact with a heat source, electricity, or certain chemicals.

Burns can vary from minor superficial burns to very deep burns that damage muscles, tendons, nerves and even bones.
High-voltage electrical injuries can produce devastating injures and can be fatal. Any person who has sustained an electrical injury requires immediate evaluation by a health care provider.
Do the following:

1.      Ensure that the source of the burn has been dealt with, and the scene is safe.

2.      Wear personal protective equipment (to protect yourself), and get the first aid kit.

3.      Do not attempt to remove the person’s clothing or jewellery (if it is stuck to the skin)

4.      Rinse the burn in cool water.

5.      Apply burn cream (if no allergies exist)

6.      Cover with a clean, dry non-stick dressing.

7.      Get medical help

8.      Do not apply ice to a burn.

Stop, Drop and roll is the best way to put a fire out. You can also cover the person with a wet blanket to extinguish the flames. Remove the blanket after the fire is out.