Safety tips


Often, people who spend more time outside their homes than within them tend to eat outside often, and travel more. It is therefore important to bear the following in mind: 

1.) Read the Sign: Public safety and prohibitory signs are constantly put up in and around public places for a reason. They are meant to warn people or inform them of certain things. For example, when you see a: “Do not cross” it is meant to inform people that there may be some form of danger in that particular area. For example, if you buy some fast food, enjoy it, but don’t forget to dispose of the wrapping or leftover paper in the bin. Observing these signs will ensure public health and safety. Litter on the streets will ultimately lead to the spread of infections and diseases. 

2.) Watch what you eat: When in a public place like a restaurant or a hotel, it is good to try what is on the menu. But be mindful of new food trials. Also, if it is a hot day or you tend to travel a lot, stick to light foods and cool water/ drinks. 

3.) Don’t leave things: It’s not nice to leave things lying around. Don’t litter your surroundings. When you eat snacks, don’t make a mess. If you do, wipe the area clean. Keep in mind that someone else will be sitting at the same spot after you leave. The person shouldn’t soil their clothes or shoes because of something you dropped or left behind. (Have you ever sat on a piece of chewed gum?) 

4.) Stay alert:

 Be observant! Notice the person, billboard, house, or shop next to you and around you so that in the event of any incident, you will remember them. When in public places, it is vital to be on alert at all times. Pay attention to what is happening around you. Keep an eye on the people around you so that you are alert to any suspicious activity or persons.