Accidents in the gym are completely avoidable, and going to the gym should never put your health in jeopardy.

The following are some essential safety tips for working out at the gym.

1)      Warm-up. For a few minutes, a warm-up to prepare for a workout. Run in place, breathe slowly and deeply, or softly rehearse the motions of the exercise to follow. Warming up your body raises heart and blood flow rates while loosening muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. This would aid in the prevention of injuries.

2)      Only lift weights you can handle. For bodybuilders, as much as you might be tempted to avoid weights heavier than you can handle to prevent muscle injury or damage.

3)      Use gym equipment wisely. This is in line with gym etiquette. Re-racking your weights contributes significantly to making the gym a safer environment. Tripping over big weights left laying around on the floor invites accidents and injuries. Clear the area of any objects that you might trip over while moving.

4)      Cooldown. Cooling down should be the last phase of your workout. It should take twice as much time as your warm-up. Slow your movements and reduce their intensity for at least 10 minutes before coming to a complete stop.

5)      Always use a towel. This one is about general health rather than injury. Always have a towel on hand to wipe down any equipment you use (and to wipe yourself down if you're dripping with sweat) to keep germs at bay.