Healthy living tips

It was World Health Day few days ago:- April 7th is celebrated globally every year as World Health Day to increase awareness regarding physical and mental health. 

What is health?

Health is defined as a state of being well or free from disease. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Here are some beneficial tip:

✦ Watch What You Eat

The key element in reaching a successful body composition is not simply eating less but eating more of the right food.

Learn to incorporate large amounts of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet because they are rich in much-needed vitamins and minerals. Eat diets low in fat, cholesterol & sodium (salty foods).

✦ Drink Plenty of Water

Water carries oxygen throughout your body to the cells, thus, promoting proper body system function.

Drink plenty of water and as much as possible, avoid caffeinated drinks, sugary beverages, and energy drinks; these leave you dehydrated and rob your body of minerals and vitamins.

✦ Regular Exercise

An individual would need over 200 minutes per week (which is only 30 minutes per day) of physical activity to maintain a healthy weight. An active lifestyle promotes physical health. According to experts, the formula for a Healthy Active Lifestyle is: 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

To be Continued in part 2…

HEALTH QUIZ (drop your answer in the comment section)

1.) Where do you find the retina?

a. Eye

b. Ear

c. Nose