It’s the peak point of the day, the scorching sun showing no mercy as it illuminates the path of everyone under its reach. Vehicles drive past, the drivers paying little attention to the various happenings on the road as everyone’s focus appears to be arrival at their scheduled destination.

For Titilade, it is just another day of serving her country the best way she can but this is immediately disrupted by shouts of help emanating from a distance. She can see a crowd gathering, some attempting to help while others try to capture the moment with their devices. 


She beckons on her fellow officers, as she dashes to the site to get more information. On arrival, she notices victims are being pulled out of cars that were damaged by head on collision. No time to ask how it happened, her first aid training kicks in like muscle memory and she asks rhetorically, “Are they breathing?” “Are they conscious?” 


One of the bystanders responds, this guy here is not moving. She rushes to his side, does a quick assessment to confirm his state and immediately makes the decision to do CPR as he is unresponsive and not breathing. 


She starts to press down hard and fast, 1! 2! 3! …24! And the casualty suddenly moves his hand, attempting to wake up. “He is awake!” Someone shouts. Titilade has successfully resuscitated him and follows the emergency protocol to hand him over to an emergency medical service team for further care. 


Titilade O. is a member of the TCIF First Responder Network, who on several occasions of emergency intervened with her first aid skills to save lives in her community. She, like other TCIF first responders like her, are everyday heroes living amongst us. 


The story of Titilade's heroic act serves as a touching reminder that anyone can make a difference. It's a testament to the importance of basic emergency response education. 


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...Every Life Counts!