Recognizing and Treating Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can result from direct blows or foreign bodies. Symptoms include immediate pain, tearing, changing vision, and redness. Bruising and bleeding can also occur. More serious injuries include punctures and lacerations.

For a blow to the eye, apply a cold compress, but don’t put pressure on the eye. See an eye physician immediately for evaluation.

Simple irritants such as dust or debris can be flushed using water. Any chemical exposure to the eye should be flushed with copious amounts of water; DO NOT rub the affected eye and you should call the emergency number in your location. Protect both eyes with a bandage or eye patch; because the eyes work in pairs, leaving one eye uncovered causes both eyes to move when the good eye tracks objects.

Covering both eyes minimizes the movement of the injured eye. 

A physician skilled in eye care must evaluate these injuries.