🏛️ Our dedicated team recently had the honor of presenting our life-saving initiatives to the Directorate of Hospital Services at the Federal Ministry of Health Headquarters, Abuja at the request of the Honourable Minister of Health, Nigeria! 🤝

💡 We championed with passion and purpose the cause of our first responder and voluntary blood donor networks and also our TCERA app. We shared the importance of equipping more individuals with the knowledge to save lives and promoting voluntary blood donation as a cornerstone for improving access to pre-hospital care and safe blood. 

🩺 Our message was met with enthusiasm and positive comments for support and possible collaborations! 🙌

🙏 None of this would be possible without the unwavering dedication of our volunteer first responders, blood donors and the incredible support of our wonderful sponsors. Thank you for being the driving force behind our mission! ❤️

Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Together, we're creating a healthier, safer world where every life counts. 🌍💪