Voluntary Blood Donation Event

Loveworld Staff Development Center is one of the TCIF (Trauma Care International Foundation) volunteer organizations improving the quality of blood safety and access to safe blood for trauma patients and others with serious medical problems.

On April 26 and 28, 2022, LSDC employees overwhelmingly participated in the blood donation drive organized by TCIF (Trauma Care International Foundation) by donating blood in the bid to save lives.

The blood donation which was tagged, "Blue Elite Voluntary Blood Donation Exercise" took place in Lagos, Nigeria. It was organized in two locations; Loveworld Community Clinic (Healing School Complex) and First Aid Center ( Loveworld Convocation Arena). 

The blood donors gathered at these locations across the community to bridge the gap between demand and availability of blood for patients needing a transfusion. LSDC has contributed to the resilience of blood availability in every health system. We can't thank them enough for their crucial contribution and commitment to ensuring the voluntary drive for blood. Their participation in the blood donation exercise has improved health indicators and significantly reduce the unavailability of blood for trauma patients in our society today.

TCIF and its member agencies are ever committed to ensuring the availability and circulation of blood in our society today.

Join us today to donate blood and save lives! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP