Home safety and health tips


Below are common trouble spots that are often overlooked but are vital to the maintenance of a germ-free home. They include: 

-Toilet Handle: Quite often, more attention is paid to keeping the toilet bowls and seats clean, but no attention is paid to disinfecting the toilet handles. It is a haven for several germs and disease-causing agents, if not routinely disinfected. 

-Doorknob: These handles can carry germs, which with contact with the eyes, nose, cuts, and mouth, can cause a wide spectrum of illnesses. A good swipe of the doorknob with a disinfectant would help keep the germs at bay. 

-Cutting boards: Cutting boards are means of cross-contamination when it is not properly sanitized after every use. If possible have a different board for raw meat/poultry/fish and another for vegetables to avoid cross-contamination. 

-Counter Tops: Clean all surfaces with soap and water after you cook. Take an extra step to kill lingering germs by sanitizing with bleach after wiping down with soap and water. One teaspoon of chlorine bleach per quart of water should do it. 

-Bathroom floors: Use a disinfectant specifically designed to kill mold and fungus for the bathroom floors. This should be done frequently. 

-Sponges and dish: Sponge, towels/dish towels not properly sanitized or stored can carry thousands of germs and food-borne pathogens. 

Two ways to rid your sponge of germs include:

-Wet it and place it in a microwave for just a minute to sanitize. 

-Wash adequately with soap and water and allow to dry before another use.