Here are some safety tips to help promote safety while in the classroom


A well-organized classroom that has safety procedures in place not only makes students feel secure, but it also shows parents that their children are well cared for. Here are some safety tips to help promote safety while in the classroom;

1. Keep dangerous supplies out of reach

Make sure to keep any sharp objects, choking hazards, poisonous materials and other potentially hazardous supplies on a high shelf or locked away in a cupboard. Things like Scissors, bulletin board tacks, glue, etc. 

2. Hand Washing 

Make handwashing a typical part of their daily routine. Set a good example by getting in the habit of properly washing your hands yourself. Have the children wash their hands upon entry to the classroom to help remove germs brought in from outside.

3. Sanitize Everything

There is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing; Cleaning wipes away dirt and debris while sanitizing decreases the number of germs on a surface.

Sanitize the toys, tables, chairs and other surfaces at the end of each school day using sanitizing wipes. This is the key to keeping germs at bay and keeping yourself and your students healthy and happy.