Generator Safety Tips You Should Adhere To

Portable generators are useful in the situations of temporary shortage of power and outdoor occasions. However, hazards associated with the use of portable generators include carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock and fire outbreak.

Below are a few tips to avoid the above incidents from happening:

Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning

·         Generators should be used outdoors. They should not be used close to windows, doors or vents.

·         Manufacturer’s instruction should be followed. Do not assume you know it by doing trial and error.

·         Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in your home.

·         Check the carbon monoxide alarms regularly and replace batteries if needed.

Preventing electrical hazards

·         The generator should be kept dry 

·         Do not touch the generator with wet hands.

·         Make sure that the extension cord used should be free of cuts and twists. 

·         If you are unqualified, do not try to connect the house wiring to the generator. Seek the help a qualified electrician.

Preventing fire hazards

·         If there is need to refuel your generator, turn it off and allow it to cool. A fire could result if petrol gets on hot engine parts.

·         Fuel should be stored away from materials that could easily burn.

·         Store fuel away from living quarters and should be properly labelled