Source; Health series

Everyone needs a regular stretching routine to maintain flexibility. Conditions such as muscle tightness which could lead to strains and joint pains could easily have been prevented by regular stretching.

Example, if you sit for long hours at work; it’s likely that you might have tight muscles at the back of your thighs and if not handled early, could cause you to feel low back pains or discomfort while trying to straighten out your legs

Stretching helps lengthen the muscle fibers and in turn increases blood flow and reduces muscle tension in the muscles being stretched.


1) Helps reduce muscle tension

2) Helps increase blood supply to the joint structures and surrounding muscles.

3) It reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury

4) It reduces the risk of low back pain


You may not necessarily stretch every muscle in your body, as that may be overwhelming. But there are key areas that require regular stretching, such as the muscles at the back, front of your thighs, your neck, lower back, shoulder and even sides.  

Stretching at least once a day will help give you movement efficiency and flexibility.