Trauma Care International Foundation’s network of first responders can provide basic first aid and appropriate emergency responses such as CPR when emergencies arise.

In Nigeria, at least 12 people die every day from road crashes! Those who survive these crashes often sustain traumatic injuries that are attended to late; often more than 30 minutes after the incident. In some cases, hours or days after.

Delay in reaching trauma victims either at home, road, office, market, schools and all walks of life impact greatly on morbidity and mortality.

Timing is everything!
This is the reason for the TCIF First Responder network;
Our mission is to provide timely, appropriate and free emergency first response in TCIF member nations and host communities.

To this end, we write to kindly invite you for a symposium on the TCIF First Responder network where we would provide more information on our network and how you can play a vital role in this all-important service. The program is scheduled to hold as follows:

Date: Saturday 9th May, 2020
Time: 10 AM