First Responder Network

Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF) in collaboration with the Inner City Mission for Children School recently organized a First Responders Training where women from different communities assembled to get adequately equipped with First Responders skills and how to handle health emergencies and administer first aid/CPR.

The First Responders exercise which took place in Lagos, was organized in commemoration of the “Mothers’ Day” celebration in Nigeria. It was a one-day intensive training where over 90 women were trained extensively on the importance of being a First Aid Responder. They were taught key steps for healthy living, and lots more.

Through the program, a sense of determination was instilled in them, and they were empowered with the right skills to respond accurately whenever any health emergencies occurred in their homes, workplaces, etc. in the bid to save lives.

Trauma Care International Foundation diligently commits to fulfilling her life-saving mission and renewing people's chance of living, because an emergency is inevitable in any place people could be found. Hence, the need for First Responders everywhere.
Every home, workplace, church, mosque, school, mall, football pitch, etc. MUST have a First Responder.

Lives lost to needless and avoidable deaths can never be regained! Take action today by becoming a First Responder because that life you would save might just be someone dear to you.

Women as First Responders
Women as First Responders