Safety tips


If a person is unconscious but is breathing and has no other life-threatening conditions, they should be placed in the recovery position. 

The recovery position involves rolling the casualty onto their side with their head tilted back. By doing this, the tongue is kept clear of the airway (the throat area) and any vomit or fluid can easily drain out and not obstruct the casualty’s airway by causing them to choke. 

To place a casualty in the recovery position: 


  1. Kneel by the casualty’s waist 
  2. Place the hand closest to you at a right angle on the floor (so it looks like the casualty is waving) 


  1. Grasp the hand farthest to you, place the back of their hand against their cheek closest to you 


  1. Lift the leg farthest away from you at the knee and place their foot on the floor Using their knee as a lever, pull the person onto their side 


  1. Ensure their head is still tilted back and they are on their side 

Once the casualty is in the recovery position, you should call for an ambulance if this hasn’t already been done. Also, remember to recheck the casualty’s breathing at regular intervals until further medical help arrives.