World Blood Donor Day is observed on June 14 every year. This global event aims to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and the need for safe blood and blood products during emergencies.

This year, World Blood Donor Day marks its 20th anniversary with the theme '20 Years of Celebrating Giving: Thank You Blood Donors!'

This day is used as an opportunity to recognize the contribution of blood donors in saving lives and improving health. It also serves as a platform for Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF) to launch her annual Global Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign (GVBDC) which has had a great impact on the perception and level of awareness of the importance of voluntary blood donation across nations.

This year's campaign will run for 100 days from June 14th - September 22nd, 2024 and our aim is to:

- Thank Blood Donors: This campaign is an opportunity for us to express gratitude to our voluntary blood donors who give the gift of life without expecting anything in return.

- Raise Awareness: The campaign aims to raise public awareness about the universal need for blood and encourage people to become blood donors.

- Encourage Youth Participation: The campaign will also focus on promoting a culture of blood donation among young people to ensure a sustainable blood donor pool.

For more information on how you can participate in the 100 days campaign, please watch this for updates and also visit to register.

...Every Life Counts!

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