First ever emergency app

Trauma Care International Foundation was established on the 5th of January 2012 as a registered non-governmental organization with the vision to improve the state of trauma care and emergency response services in Nigeria and its member nations, through health education, advocacy, and community-based programs.

TCIF is a Guinness World Record holder and a non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2019.

With Trauma listed as one of the leading causes of death globally and contributing extensively to the thousands of deaths recorded every year in Nigeria, Trauma Care International Foundation in line with its objectives to significantly reduce the delay in patient evacuation and the institution of pre-hospital care of trauma cases; launched its Emergency Response Initiative in 2020 to further address this through community-level incorporation in the provision of prompt and effective emergency care. 

The Foundation designed and launched a network of individuals from every walk of life, trained to provide emergency medical first response to victims of trauma before the arrival of the emergency medical services; this network is known as The TCIF First Responder network.

The pilot phase of this project kicked off in the city of Lagos in 2020 and thus far, we have recruited over 3,000 volunteers from the twenty (20) local governments across the state. We have trained and equipped over 25% of them with first responder kits and the training sessions are still ongoing.

We have received several testimonials from our first responders who have since utilized the skills gained to improve the outcomes of emergencies that occurred around them.

To further harness technology and its potential impact on Pre-Hospital care, the foundation developed an Emergency response application; The TCERA App suite to connect victims of trauma with TCIF trained First Responders in the shortest possible time. This application provides users with a real-time response from specially trained First Responders as well as vital information such as Hospitals/Doctors nearby, Health tips, etc. Alongside this was the establishment of a world-class command center to manage the operations of the application and the first Responder network 12 hours daily.