It is the year of perfection. Have you checked your car tyre expiration date yet? During winter, it gets colder and temperatures drop under 7 degrees Celsius staying low until spring.

Summer tyres cannot provide the same efficiency on the road during winter because of their rigid structure. It’s time to switch to winter tyres, but why switch when there are “all season tyres”

All Season Tyres: -

·       They combine the qualities of summer and winter tyres and are suitable all year round.

·       It saves cost compared to buying both summer and winter tyres.

·       They are adaptable and suitable for prolonged used regardless of the climate.

·       Their tread pattern is the result of a targeted functional balance, efficient at high and low temperatures, sunny or rainy days, wet or dry roads. 

·       They are developed for vehicles ranging from small cars to SUVs and fast sports cars, that run at high speed.

·       Their rolling resistance is better during winter.

·       They have a better traction if temperature goes above 7°C.

·       The tyre noise is lowered and the tread will last longer compared to with summer or winter tyre treads.


1)    For extreme winter conditions, a snow tyre is preferred.

2)    Regardless of characteristics and type, it is essential for tyres to be in excellent condition to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of safety and performance. Periodically checking tyre conditions is recommended.