World Trauma Day is observed on the 17th of October every year with emphasis on the importance of saving and protecting lives during emergencies.

Morbidities and mortalities can be prevented with timely interventions such as:
•       The right knowledge when handling emergencies
•       The availability of pre-hospital care equipment like first aid kits
•       Timely hospital care

The outcomes of traumatic injuries are worsened due to poor knowledge of pre-hospital emergency response amongst first responders and poor
management of trauma casualties, among other factors.

As a Non-Governmental Organization with the focus on health and safety, we have addressed the aforementioned with several of our life-saving projects:

       Our first aid and emergency response trainings for kids, school teachers and adults from all walks of life, equipping them with the right knowledge on how to effectively administer first aid during emergencies.

       Our voluntary blood donation drives. This initiative alone has helped increase the availability of safe blood for millions all over the world who need blood. Despite the pandemic which resulted in a severe decrease in blood availability, we as an NGO mobilized many from three continents of the world to donate blood, and this resulted in an increase in blood availability.

       Our First Responder Network was created to provide prompt, fast and free response services to victims of traumatic injuries in their locations without discrimination.